“He’s a remorseless eating machine”

My post-birth experience has reinforced for me that breastfeeding is certainly not instinctive for the human race. Why is that so? Animals do it easily..why can’t humans when we are blessed with massive amounts of mind power?

My first experience with learning to breastfeed was with Pam, the midwife. She said to lay down with the baby facing me and you’ll know its happening because it feels like a vacuum cleaner going. Hmm. Well, that’s totally self-explanatory and I’ll be a champ at it now. Not! I got grazes like nothing else and the pain on attachment is toe-curling. On day 5 in hospital, the day we were due to leave, we finally got some excellent advice. I had a great midwife, laura, who explained how to bring the baby to the breast.. more like, slap the baby with a wide-open gob, right on the target. Easy to describe, hard to do. But I think we are getting there. The grazes are still there, but the pain once attached is dissipating.

The Early Childhood Health nurse from newtown came around for our first meeting today. Fraser has put on 280g in 8 days! Great to see the milk bar is working. He’s also grown 2cm longer. So the 2 hourly feeds are doing something, and I have been assured that the time between feeds will get longer and the actual feeding time will get shorter. I just need to persevere in the meantime.

Settling Fraser is hard work. He’s a noisy, screamy baby and hasnt been getting much sleep.. and so it gets even harder to settle him. Last night was a shocker. He was awake and yelling from 2am onwards. We tried a bath at 3am. Matt tried bouncing him for ages in the hammock. Eventually I fed him again and brought him into bed with me. We got about an hours sleep, maybe less. Next thing I know, it’s feeding time at the zoo again. *sigh*

The nurse said to do whatever we need to do to settle him. It wont cause any bad habits at this stage. So we may need to resort to bed sharing again.

But, I’m feeling better knowing that he’s gained weight. Yay.

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