The Birth Story

Well.. here we are at day 12 and I think I might have the energy to start this epic entry.
Firstly, let’s go back to my ante-natal appointment of the Wednesday 4th Feb. Mum came along to meet the Ob. The Dr said that he thought it would be happening soon and that it would be good if I went into labour on Friday as he was on duty in the labour ward that day. I could only promise to do my best.

So Wednesday night/Thursday morning 3am I woke up for a bathroom trip and noticed some back pain. Went back to bed and noticed the back pain again.. started watching the clock and had to go the loo again. Well, knock me down with a feather, I was having contractions at 12 mins apart. So I got out of bed and walked around a bit. Contrax then coming 8 mins apart, lasting around 20 secs. Woke up Matt and said that things were happening and for him to get some more sleep and i’d let him know. Did some internet banking between contrax and kept timing things. Each time i would lean on the couch or something else and ‘breathe through it’ as they say. Didnt work too well. It was all back pain. Rapidly approaching 3 mins apart so at 5am I ring labour ward. The midwife says to stay home until they are lasting for a minute at 2-3 minutes apart or less for a couple of hours! Geez.. that’s ridiculous. Had a shower, no help there. Waited til almost 6.30am and woke Matt. The contrax weren’t lasting 1 minute but the pain was too much. So off we go to RPA on Thursday morning.
Arrived at RPA around 7am and are checked over by a midwife. At that stage I was dilated 1cm but stretched to 4cm just with her checking me over. So we were allowed to stay. Dr F called by and said he was expecting the birth to happen late afternoon. The midwives changed shifts at 7.30 so we had another one come by and check who discovered the baby was posterior – *sob*.. I knew this would be so. So Eaneth, the midwife looking after me shifted us to the delivery suite. We tried a bath, then the shower.. no luck. So I decided to suck on the gas to see if that helped. I dont think it did much at all.
The pain was getting harder to handle and I was only 6cm by around 11am that I agreed to an epidural. I’d like to say at this point that it was never forced upon me. Dr Frumar and the midwife only suggested it as it would be helpful with a posterior labour. And they were right! At 11.30am the epidural was turned on and I didnt care how much it would cost, nor did I care about the risks. It was bliss to have some relief. Dr Frumar was called and asked about rupturing the membranes as my water hadnt broken yet. He didnt like the idea at first as he thought the intact waters would help the baby turn around to face the right way. After some more time the head midwife called him again and said she thought it would be best. So at 12.05pm the midwife broke my waters and attached a fetal scalp monitor to the baby’s head. I was wearing a monitor on my belly which measured the contrax and the scalp monitor measured the baby’s heartbeat. It made a very surreal nightclub beat and each time a heartbeat or two was not picked up Matt and I would look at each other and have a small panic.
Dr Frumar came around on his lunch break and did another internal to discover I was at 8.5cm and thought we’d have the baby around 5pm. At close to 2pm I started feeling the back pain again so a while later the epidural was topped up. I was now at 9cm and all the family members were out in the lounge waiting.
Once we got past 5pm I was threated with vacuum extraction so we tried pushing harder with each contrax. Still no luck, so vac it was.

Fraser Enright Allen erupted into the world at 7.35pm, holding his Dad’s finger. I had a second degree tear which required 1 stitch. At 7.45pm the placenta was delivered intact. Gotta love the way the doctors like to hold that thing up at you and say “looks good”. Matt cut the cord while Fraser was resting on my chest. The baby was wrapped and placed on a heat pad in a bassinette and the family were waved through at about 8pm to meet the new fellow.

Apgars were 8 & 9.

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