Things on the move …maybe

I’ve noticed a slow trickle since Sunday. When I first noticed it I thought it might be my bladder giving up the ghost. So I let it go, (so to speak), and just forgot about it until yesterday. There was more trickling through the day and I couldn’t work it out so I decided to call the hospital at around 7pm just to get their opinion. The midwife that answered the phone asked me a few questions and suggested I wait at home and see if things develop or if I lose more fluid and reassured me that if I was to go in they wouldn’t necessarily keep me there anyway, especially as I’ve had a normal uncomplicated pregnancy so far. A while after that I went to bed and had no surprises overnight. Just in case my waters have broken I’m staying out of the pool or bath until I can confirm what’s going on as I don’t want to introduce any vectors that may cause infection. I’ve also put a doubled-over towel on my side of the bed under the sheet in case I do wake up to a surprise gush.
I have my Ob appointment tomorrow at 2pm so I’ll be asking him to check it out and tell me whether I’ve started dilating or not. So far, there have been no contractions that I’m aware of and the baby is still kicking around.
For those who are interested – amniotic fluid replenishes every few hours, and if the baby’s head is engaged (which mine has been for a few weeks now) then a trickle is what you’ll get, as opposed to a gush, due the head taking up all the space.

Have also developed this roadmap of stretch marks around my inside-out belly button. Hopefully they’ll all get sucked back in when my belly button goes back to normal but for now, it’s like I have my own bizarre anatomical representation of Canberra – where all roads lead to Parliament House.

Have had some contact with the other couples who attended our ante-natal far we’re all still waiting. I don’t think any of us have given birth yet.

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