2nd last Ob appointment?

just got back from what could have been the second last visit. The Ob thinks that he’ll see me one more time and then there’ll be a baby. He asked how I was going and said that restless sleep, lower back pains, and excess mucus (yay), are all signs of labour approaching.

It’s getting much more difficult to walk anywhere now so I might need Matt to come with me next time but we’ll see how I go. But I’m not going shopping anymore.. I’m definitely over that. I’m also well and truly over these maternity clothes. I’m really dying to put my old comfortable pair of jeans on. It’s really been the one thing on my mind lately. Jeans, jeans, jeans.. I think it must just represent my old shape. I want it back.

I was feeling a bit much pain and movement the other night (Monday, I think) and I ended up gettin gup for a shower at midnight. It seemed to do the trick enough to help me get to sleep. However, I’m still waking up many times during the night and I get really bored with it! The night just seems to drag on. I bought the Law and Order game for my laptop yesterday so I might end up cranking that up if I get bored enough overnight.

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