Still cooking

Another ‘work week’ gone by and still slothing about on the couch. It has been so hot that I’ve been loathe to go anywhere. Having said that we have had a nice bit of rain the last couple of nights. A good dose of rain is so rare these days that I feel inspired to meditate and visualise whatever is the current theme in my head. As you can imagine I did take the opportunity to sit out on the balcony and think ‘easy, natural childbirth’ thoughts. So, we’ll see.

We got word from my mum the other day that our old neighbours from Hunters Hill had their baby on Monday. Samuel was over 9lbs. and was delivered naturally, no drugs! Yay Emma! So I sent them a card today.

I’ve been doing a bit of cooking and freezing this week to build up a bit of a small supply for when we come back from hospital. Apart from that I’ve been cross-stitching like mad and watched a couple of DVDs – ‘The Hours’, and ‘Danny Deckchair’. I find that I must be getting soft in the head as I’m not happy with a book or movie unless there is a clear conclusion and the main point is wrapped up in a nice summary that’s easy to digest. ‘The Hours’ didnt fit this profile, nor did the Matrix 3, and I was left scratching my head at the end of Tim Winton’s book ‘Dirt Music’.

I need to get my hair cut before hospital .. maybe tomorrow.

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