38w – edited to add an extra bit

Had my Ob appointment today. Looks like we’re still on track for the EDD of 6th Feb. Unlikely to go sooner as cervix is soft but still closed. Dr F prep’d me for the internal by saying “there’s no pleasant way to do this”, while snapping on a latex glove. I was on my way home afterwards wondering how i was going to cope with childbirth if I was trying to escape from the ‘bed’ during an exam.

Since Friday I’ve continued to have these Braxton hicks which are still quite painful and gaspy. However, I was still happy to hear that I most likely still have a couple of weeks to sloth about. My plan is to try and fit in a few movies…DVD’s..stuff like that. I cant think of anything I need to do for the baby.. everything is washed. Oh, I do need to get some practise with the stroller.. because I cant remember how to put it up and get it back down.

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