All good. Ob thinks the head is engaged. I’ve put on 3kg over Christmas but the doctor says thats acceptable being that time of year. I just think this kid’s gonna be born a teenager. He asked me if I wonder how such a big bump is going to come out. Well, of course I do buddy. That’s why I laugh in dismay every time I disrobe to have a shower. But, he did reassure me that if there’s one thing he’s good at it’s getting big bumps out of small holes. He also confirmed that I should head into hospital if my water breaks, or if I’m getting contractions at 5 mins apart. If they’re 6-10 mins apart I can hang about at home for a bit longer. If it’s not clearly defined I should ring the labour ward and they’ll advise me.
I’ve packed the labour bag.. yet to finish the hospital bag for the rest of my stay.

Next week the Ob will do a swab to check for strep. and do an internal to gauge how close we are. He thinks the head is engaged now but next appointment he’ll have a better idea of how close we are to dates (6-2-04).

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