Strange things…abreast

Well I’ve realised an interesting thing this evening. My nips are leaking. I believe it has happened before now but I only just witnessed it, so now I have no more reason to think it’s a rogue water droplet on my shirt.

Other than that small revelation we have installed the baby capsule in the car. Was pretty easy to install after all. I thought we’d have to take it to a specialist fitter.

The baby is still moving around though the movements are not as frequent and not as violent. I gather we’re running out of space in there. Heartburn has dissipated almost totally now. I got some tips from a couple of people suggesting that I try a low-fat diet or not eat within 4 hours of bedtime.

So, anyway, I’m on maternity leave now. It’s quite strange to give up a major source of income for an undetermined period. Not to mention this amount of time I have on my hands, at least until the birth. So I’ve rearranged half the kitchen, baked muffins, started another x-stitch, reading Tim Winton’s “Dirt Music”, and who knows what else is in the pipeline.

Matt has taken to sleeping on the couch due to the volume of my snoring. I’ve suggested earplugs as they’ve always worked for me when I couldnt get to sleep over Matt’s snoring. I expect the snoring will go away once I have the baby as I’ve not been busted snoring before and if I did snore, it was obviously never bad enough to give Matt reason to sleep elsewhere.

Well that is all.. I will check for a quick update tomorrow after the Ob appointment.

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