The Spirit of Giving

With the approach of Christmas and parenthood looming larger and larger I had the urge to start an annual tradition of making some sort of charitable donation in the form of sponsorship or something similar. So I looked at the options World Vision had but I really wanted to spend it on something local. I read somewhere about the Smith Family Learning for Life program and ran it by Matt. He was interested in it and so we went ahead and made our annual sponsorship contribution just before Christmas. We decided to sponsor a Junior Secondary school student as this is the time they are beginning to form their career and life goals. Today we got our student’s profile. His name is Riyad and he’s 12 years old. He’s in year 7 this year and has 2 brothers. If he had a magic wand he would “have the strength to stop the evil in the world” and his favourite subject is science. We’re allowed to correspond but not with any identifying details such as surname, photos, D.O.B.

On the pg front I’ve noticed that my belly has really dropped now. I’ve heard Mum and Nana say that but today it really looks different. Perhaps that’s why it’s a little more uncomfortable to sleep lately but maybe the acid reflux will settle down if there’s a bit more space up the top there.

I’m still getting up every 1.5-2 hours overnight for a loo trip and when I push myself up into a sitting position I have to stay there for a minute for my anatomy to settle back into place, then I literally topple from one foot to the other to get to the bathroom as my heels are so sore. I’m walking much slower now and can’t handle long shopping trips. Other than that, not much going on. I finish up work this Friday and see the Ob again on the 12th.

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