I have 5 weeks to go, (give or take a bit), and my pregnany complaints are increasing the closer I get to full term. My hands balloon-up by night and my feet by day. Comfort is something i recall from a previous life. I’m on my 3rd bottle of Mylanta and I’m desperate for my body to get back to some semblence of what I remember as being normal. Of course, “normal” may never return but at least rolling over in bed will no longer require a degree in Engineering. My feet are always sore, particulary the arch and heels and I’m only just managing to squeeze into the only shoes that still “fit”.

My 10 days off were great though. Did a lot of cleaning up and throwing stuff out. The baby gap is complete with finished nappy stacker. (Kudos to Bindy for her sewing talents) and I also have done all I can do with my cross-stitch. All 000 and 0000 clothes washed, nappies washed, “stuff” bought. We just need to install the car seat and finish packing hospital and labour bags.

I did alot of baking practice over the holidays. Made shortbread cookies for the grandparents for christmas gifts..these were well received. Also made a raspberry, macadamia and white chocolate slice except this became more of a crumble than a slice as it finished off being too moist and fell apart. Tastes good, looks ugly. Will have to make another one later on.

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