Merry Christmas

Matt came with me to the Doctor’s appointment this morning as I wanted to introduce them before they wound up at the “arrivals gate” together. Anyway, the appointment went well. I told Doctor F about the rising acid and he confirmed that Mylanta was OK. He also suggested sleeping propped up on a few pillows to try to avoid it happening. I’ve already been doing that half-heartedly but I might try it in earnest tonight and see if it really helps.
I was excited for Matt because the Doctor showed him where the baby’s head is and how he’s lying. The baby’s head still wiggles pretty freely therefore, it’s not down in the pelvis yet. Once that happens, I suspect I’lll start waddling.
My feet are almost always sore. I think it’s because they weren’t built to carry an extra 7-odd kilos. But with several days off over Christmas I’ll be able to get my feet up and do some swimming and that might help.

Merry Christmas to anyone who reads this and a Happy new Year if I dont blog before then.

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