Nesting already??

I had a small cleaning frenzy today. Any cleaning frenzy in our one bedroom apartment is bond to be small.. But anyway, I cleaned the stove top, removed all the remaining junk out of the baby gap, put away all the baby stuff, cleaned the computer desk and rearranged he bookshelf in the lounge/dining room area. Even managed to fit in some x-stitch. Managed to do all this in my overnight shift stupor. Quite spectacular really. So the only things in the gap now are the change table, hammock and partly filled hospital bag… oh, and a newspaper collection I still need to trash. But you get the idea.

I have an Ob appointment this Thursday afternoon and I plan to ask about my hands and feet re the fluid retention. I’m pretty confident it wont be a lead up to pre-eclampsia or anything as I reckon its mostly weather related. I havent had any particularly stressful events of late that may provoke increase in blood pressure so I’m not too worried. Best to mention it though and see what happens. Must also make the rest of my appointments beyond Christmas Eve too.

Interesting reading in the 7 month section which is where we’re at now.
This article says to expect the following:

* Fetal Activity.
* Lower abdomin aches (from stretching ligaments supporting the expanding belly).
* Braxton Hicks contractions.
* Heartburn, indigestion, gas, bloating.
* Vericose veins.
* Backache.
* Slight whitish vaginal discharge known as leukorrhea.
* Leg cramps.
* Vivid dreams.
* Acne.
* Colustrum leaking from the breasts.
* Increased/Decreased sex drive.
* Shortness of breath.
* Forgetfullness.
* Mild swelling of hands & feet

Amazing how ‘text book’ it all seems. I’ve certainly got the fetal activity and lower abdomenal aches, heartburn and leg cramps, and of course swelling of hands and feet. Wouldnt know about Braxton Hicks.. don’t think I’ve had any… Vivid dreams – yes, and they’re often weird. I dreamt of Lipfinity lipstick the other night. I tried it on while visiting in-laws in Leeton. In this dream they owned a chemist which they ran out of they’re back shed and there were box loads of lipfinity just waiting to be tested. Anyway, moving on.. acne – oh yeh.. there I was rejoicing in my new-found fresh looking complexion (thanks to L’Oreal) and whammo, this week I’ve just had the worst breakout ever. I can’t speak of being forgetful. If I’ve had it, I’ve already forgotten.

Got a belly photo up on the gallery site at 18w and one from today at 32w.

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