Baby shower

Had my baby shower today. Attendees were Bindy and Keda (organisers), Mum (the shower was at her place), Gwen (MIL), Nana, Gram (Peg), Kim, Janey, Aunty Ann.. Had a few people that couldnt come and a couple of non-replies. So it actually ended up being a good number anyway.. just enough people and not too many. Bindy and Keda brought all this great food and champagne. Was a fun day with a few games and lots of baby talk, naturally. I got alot of baby clothes ranging from 0000-1 as well as heaps of bunny rugs/wraps and practical stuff like nappies and lotions and potions. Kim gave us this great Lamaze octopus with legs that make a different sqeak when you squeeze each one. I reckon we must be pretty close to having a fully stocked baby gap.

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