31w – ack!, 9w to go…

I woke up this morning with foot cramp. I rarely get that sort of cramping, and I’ve managed to avert the leg cramps by not stretching my legs out whenever I have that feeling of one approaching.. so anyway, I was quite distressed about it. I managed to get rid of it but it nearly made me cry and I just felt sorry for myself. The heat, inability to lay on my back, heartburn and rising acid etc got the better of me for a minute there and I just wanted my regular body back. However, my experience has been pretty dreamy so far compared to some others I know of so I’ve since snapped out of it. I’m also pleased to note that I can walk now without that leg numbing thing happening. In fact, I managed a 30 minute walk from King St nth without even a niggle yesterday. My teeth have been repaired for the meantime too.. so 2 crowns and a couple of grand later, all is well.

The extraneous stuff from the study/computer gap (more of a gap than a room) has been cleared out. Now its a baby gap. The change table and draweers are there, as is the hammock.

I’m getting regular baby hiccups. They seem to happen in the same area.. down low, so i gather the head is still down. Also, I’m starting to get some funky pains from the baby moving around and poking at things not to be poked at.
My belly is now 105cm.
I’ve been making watermelon juice iceblocks to try and help the fluid retention dissipate. I’m not sure that its really working though, my hands and feet are still a bit chunky.

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