Had our first class on Friday night – “Changing Shape” at the maternity unit of RPA. It was mainly to give us some excerises to eash backache and stretch out tired muscles. There were about 6 other couples there. One couple are seeing Dr F as well and I think I’ve seen them in the waiting room before.
There was also a bit of general education about pregnancy and some tips. The woman giving the class is a physiotherapist at the hospital. She suggested that we make sure we ask our Obs whether they are on-call 24×7 or if they have certain days where they aren’t available. If they aren’t always available then we can ask to meet the alternative doctor. So I’ll have to remember to ask this next time I go in.

Our next class is 13th December.

Cousin-in-law Linda had her baby on Friday. Just before 3.30pm, a 6lb 6oz boy – Harrison.

So we’re on the 10 week countdown now. I’ve started to pack my hospital bag this week. I figure you can never be too prepared for this sort of thing.

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