Just had my 29w appointment with the ob/gyn this morning. Well I’m just liking this doctor more and more.

He had a feel around and said the baby’s head was down and when he’s laying that way it’ll feel heavier. So even though the orientation is right now there is still plenty of time for the baby to turn around a few times. I asked about birth plans. Dr F said that he doesnt recommend them because women have this list of 19 things they want to happen and then come out healthy with a healthy baby and only 3 things achieved from the list and feeling down about it. He said he’s a great advocate for keeping women on their feet during the early parts of labour as it helps to keep things moving. Also, I was advised to make use of the baths and showers for the whole labour if I needed it because the water softens up the muscles. He promised not to fiddle for the sake of fiddling and that he is just my insurance. If all goes well he’s just there to catch the baby. I love, love, love Dr F.

My glucose results are in and I dont have diabetes – yay!

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