The rise in temps lately has caused a bit of swelling in my fingers and ankles. I’ve had to take off my engagement ring before it gets much tighter. Apart from that things are still going quite smoothly. I’ve woken up a couple of times with stomach acid in my throat (yucko) and have spent 15 minutes or so coughing and spluttering, and drinking water to lessen the burning sensation. Yay for Mylanta! That stuff is a godsend. Geez it tastes so much better than it did in high school days. Doesnt have that awful chalky texture anymore either.

I’ve locked in my maternity leave. Friday 9th Jan will be my last day. That give me 4-6 weeks off pre-baby to relax and finish off anything that still needs to get done.

On a sad note one of the guys that works here has just lost his baby and she was only a couple of weeks old. Really drives home the fact that everything can be going so well and all of a sudden it can all change just like that.

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