We’re into the third trimester now and with it has come backache. I can’t get comfortable driving in the car now and I can really feel my lower back pulling forward with the weight of the baby. I think once I get my teeth sorted next week I’ll have to organise another visit with the chiro to see if she can tune anything.
Yesterday I was really uncomfortable at work. I’m sure the “capacity planner” didn’t get the figures right because the stretching sensation was phenomenal and I swear I dont have anymore skin to give. Maybe this is the beginning of the stretch marks from hell.. though no sign of them yet.

As I have mentioned previously there was a seminar organised for 19th november which I was hoping to attend. Our awesome management was sitting on the approval long enough to allow all the spaces to fill up. So I’ve missed out and it ended up not costing him a brass ra-zoo. I’ve indicated my intention to go to the next one which will be held when I’ve already gone on leave. For a company that claims to encourage women returning to work the managers in Operations are total bozos. You know that the North Sydney office building has pumping rooms for the mums that come back to work while still breastfeeding? If I did that I’d have to express in the toilets. Charming indeed. Guess that’s the problem with being one of about 10 operational/engineering chicks at Rosebery. Not enough of us to fight the power.

Anyway, that’s enough of that rant. Dont want to sound like I’m on some sort of feminist, man-hating, hobby-horse. That just isnt me. I’m just anti the whole idiot manager thing.

My cross stitch is going pretty well. All the big stuff is finished and i’m up to the smaller detail and outlines. Yay!

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