We are over the 26w mark. I realised that means 14w left. Crazy business. Life will change totally, and permanently. I had a bit of panic at that realisation and then went back to sleep.
Speaking of sleep.. it’s starting to get more uncomfortable now. I’m up 3-4 times a night, and just to roll over is an exercise requiring careful planning and execution.

We havent heard anything of Linda yet so maybe her baby is still cooking.

Optus is holding a parental leave seminar for those who will be going on leave or are still on leave and will be returning to work. The details say they cover time management, child care planning, and other stuff along similar lines. Can you believe it will cost Gavin’s department $400 to let me attend? Expensive seminar I must say. He’s probably having a coronary right now and holding off approval til the last minute.
Not sure how helpful it will be but might as well take advantage of it.

I was laying in bed the other night watching my belly move around. It’s quite a surreal site and made me think of the movie ‘Alien’. Not the type of mental imagery I need.

I’m gonna have to get my butt in gear to organise all those little fun things soon like a breast pump, freezer stash bags, breast pads, maternity pads…and other slightly more exciting accoutrements like a nappy bag, sling, wraps and bunny rugs. I’ve been scouting around for inflatable baby baths as those enourmous plastic tubs just dont store well in a 1 bedroom apartment. Havent found anything suitable so far.

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