Had an ob/gyn appointment yesterday. BP was good, baby’s heartbeat was loud. Dr seems impressed, maybe even slightly shocked, at how big I am now. He says he’s certainly not worried about foetal growth. In 3 weeks I have to do the glucose test. This is basically having blood taken, drink cordial type stuff, sit and wait for an hour, have more blood taken. The results will show up any gestational diabetes.
I told him I’d had a couple of brief episodes of heart palpitations. He advised that it’s nothing to worry about, is brought on by hormones, and that it won’t harm the mother or baby. If/when it happens again just to sit and relax for a bit til it calms down.
I now weigh 65kg, 2 kg more than I weighed at the last appointment.
The receptionist typed out the letter for me confirming the due date.. Have also printed out a bunch of forms to fill out for work. Now just need to get the JP (or similar) to witness and find out how to submit for the actual leave.

Bindy and Keda have offered to throw a baby shower for me – yay! Such nice friends i have. :)
Hoping to organise for the 6th Dec and I’m keen to make blue meringues.

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