Is there a JP in the house?

My teeth are suffering. I went for a clean and checkup on Thursday last week and the dentist said i had a hole in my top right molar. Problem is, this tooth is already mostly filling.. so he recommended a porcelain crown. I said let me think about it and I’ll call back when I decide.
Went to the movies yesterday and broke half a molar on the other side of my mouth.. in fact the symmetrical partner of the one with the hole. I sit here now poking the gaping side of my tooth with my tongue.
It doesnt seem to hurt terribly. A bit sensitive with hot. So I’ll call my old dentist at Gladesville and she can try patching this one up and I’ll get a second opinion on the crown while I’m there.
My teeth have never been in great nick but they have been stable for the last few years. Not much work needed til now. When it rains it pours.
It reminds me of all those nightmares I’ve had over the years where my teeth all fall out.
Mum thinks the baby is taking all the calcium and whatever else.. leaving me with minimal supplies of my own. I think she’s right as it would explain the sudden influx of dental issues.

On a happy note, we have our baby hammock and have set it up. It’s quite easy to put together and easy to move around the house.

I’ve been trying to work out how to submit for leave but I just cant get it sorted. HR are their usual helpful selves, NOT.. and I spoke to Louise – the one and only person from the department that’s been on maternity leave and she gave me a few useful tips but she went on leave 3 years or so ago and cant help with how to submit for leave through the current system. I will have to try talking to someone from HR or payroll and try to figure it out. Meanwhile I need a stat. dec. to confirm that I will be the primary carer (this is so I can qualify for the paid leave).. and I need a doctor’s cert to confirm the pregnancy (nevermind that I look like a stuffed a bowling ball under my shirt), and the estimated date of confinement.

Matt’s cousin Linda is due on 14th november. She had a show last Tuesday so I reckon she’ll deliver early. My money’s on the 27th October. I think it’ll be a girl too.

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