Yay for 20% off!

20% off at Baby target yesterday so trekked out there with Matt and bought all the big stuff. Pram, change table/chest of drawers combo, and baby capsule for the car. We spent more money on the pram than I was originally thinking but with $100+ off it was a decent bargain. It’s the Peg Perego Venezia and suits newborn to 20kg or so. It’s only 9.5kg when folded up so nice and light. Navy check in colour.
We decided to go with the baby capsule for the car as it has been approved by the RTA as one of the safest restraints and it means we can take the capsule out if the baby is asleep. If we’d got one of the convertible seats we’d have had to wake him up to take him out.
So now we just need to get the hammock, wraps, a few singlets, feeding stuff, the list goes on! So plenty of shopping to do yet. Oh, and a rocker.. you know,one of those bouncy things that rocks, the baby sits in it while you cook dinner or whatever.

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