It’s a boy!

Yes, we had our 18-20 wk scan on Thursday morning (11/9). The ultrasound tech says we were at 19w2d (19w5d today) and everything looks fine. So we’re due 3rd Feb now. I’m really happy we’re expecting a boy as I just reckon girls can be more complicated at times. Matt’s happy as he’ll get to play “boy stuff”. Had a quick look at all the cute boy clothes in Pumpkin Patch and bought myself a pair of black expanding pants. On the lookout for maternity swimwear now.
I’ve separated my wardrobe into clothes that still fit and clothes that dont work anymore.
The new Ikea catalogue has a chest of drawers with built in change table. Will have to check that out as it will be a big space saver not to have to get both as separate items.
I’m drinking a cup of raspberry leaf tea every day… this is known as a uterine tonic and may help to shorten labour and assist with skin elasticity. Though I’m not holding my breath for a short labour. But you never know I guess.

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