I seemed to pop out overnight last week. I really need to find a couple of pairs of maternity pants or something that I can wear to work rather than getting around with the top button undone. So I went on a bit of a mission last Thursday to find some but nothing appealed. Bought a few tops though…Big W had some reasonable stuff and GB had a few things on sale.
Have booked ante-natal classes. Thanks to the regular hassles of shift work I cant do the 7x weekly sessions so decided to do 2x Saturday sessions instead… in December! Dec 13th and 20th. Also got booked into a “Changing Shape” class on 21st November – a Friday night. Apparently about back care and stuff like that. Seems a bit late for something like that as my back is already complaining but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
Speaking of my back, went to the chiro on Friday and going again today. Seems there’s a few bits out of whack that we can hopefully get sorted out before too long.
Got the big ultrasound this Thursday morning. Have to drink half a litre of water by 7.30am and then hold it in. That was hard work last time. I think I’m starting to feel flutters of the baby kicking or swishing around. Not really sure though.

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