Had a great day today (Thursday). Went to the Ob appointment. The Dr got the doppler machine out, like an ultrasound but you just hear the heartbeat. He confirmed the baby’s heart was beating at 130 bpm. He’s happy with my weight gain – 1.5kg since our last meeting on 31/7, my blood pressure is good, and he had a feel around my lower abdomen to feel the size of the uterus. All good there. I asked him a bunch of questions this time, now that I have my head together. What happens if you’re away come delivery time, what do i do if i have an emergency situation after hours, what about ante-natal classes, what’s your take on induction and c-sections or other intervention type stuff?? He said he usually makes arrangements for his office to be covered by another Ob if he is away, he gave me a number for the labour ward if i need someone and they will page him, I need to call tomorrow (Friday) to book into any classes (usually held after 28 weeks) as they book out quickly, and let’s not talk about induction etc yet because its too early – we’ll talk about it later on once we see whether or not I develop high blood pressure or gestational diabetes – “I dont see any reason at this stage why you can’t have a normal natural birth”. Yay! Glad he’s on the same wavelength then. He said once we get closer we’ll start negotiations.

So everything is looking great so far and I have been referred for a 19wk ultrasound in a couple of weeks time. I’m still disputing the date of conception that the last ultrasound gave me and I think next appointment I’ll take my last chart in with me as it proves I didnt ovulate when they think I did.

We can get a video of the next ultrasound which will be a good opportunity for the “grandparents” to see something.
At my next Ob appt I get to book into the hospital.

I came out of there today so much more excited than I was even at the first ultrasound. I don’t really know why. Even though I get a giggle every time I think of those two little feet on the telly it wasnt quite as uplifting as it was today to hear the heartbeat.

The ultrasound report from last time says I ovulated from my right ovary. There’s just a litle bit of trivia for you.

Next appointment is 25/9.

I’ve noticed my sciatica has calmed down the last few days. Well, I’m guessing its sciatica as the location of the pain was exactly as described when someone else had talked about it. It’s a lower back thing but the pain can radiate down one or both legs. It’s usually caused by the baby putting pressure on the sciatic nerve and as such there is no real relief until birth (yay…not). I’ve had a bit of a niggly lower back for years but this was getting intense.. constant pain almost localised to my right butt cheek. Bearable but very annoying and would flare up when I did the simplest things like step my right leg into a pair of jeans or whatever. So anyway just as I had decided to see a chiro that had been recommended to me the pain has since calmed right down. Once I get off the overnight shifts next week I still intend to go though.

So in a couple of weeks we will probably know the sex of the baby and that sounds like a good reason to go shopping.

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