No developments here really. Have to pee about a dozen times a day. That gets tiresome – especially at work.
I bought Robin Barker’s “Baby Love” book with a Dymocks gift voucher the other day. It’s pretty good. Almost an entire instruction manual for after the birth.
Nana gave us some money to put towards whatever we decide the baby should sleep in.. we’re still keen on the hammock but we’ll wait for a bit in case we change our minds. I’m still feeling like its still too early to buy any of the larger items. Not sure why that is. I guess once we get to 20 weeks I’ll get into it. We’ve also been given more clothes, knitted booties and the like.
OB appt in a week.
Told work last week. Well, I told Sue. I’ll leave it up to her as to when she tells the next level up. More potential training and rostering nightmares bound to crop up in the next few months while we get our newbies sorted out at work. Work is giving me nightmares consistently the last couple of weeks. I know this is a baby blog but honestly work really sux sometimes and I’m glad for the escape hatch. This week I was dreaming of Cisco debugging all night – just what I want when I’m needing quality sleep. The last time I was having vivid work related dreams/nightmares every night was when I was working at One.Tel. Glad to see my optus experience will be just as memorable.

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