I’ve started doing some pre-natal yoga from a video tape I bought. It’s pretty tiring but I think it’ll be useful if I can keep it up.

We went around on the weekend last week to show all the grandparents-to-be the ultrasound pictures. While we were there Mum gave me some stuff she’d filed away years ago – my birth record book and other bits of info. That was interesting to read through. First tooth at 10.5 months, that sort of thing.

Been philosophising a bit lately. In my own mind, that is. Guess I’m trying to get a handle on what my own beliefs are regarding religion and other life “stuff”. I suppose it starts to matter now that an important purpose of mine will be to guide this new person on it’s own way. I’ve always been the sort of person to require visual, or at least, auditory evidence that something exists. It was the same with the baby.. I didnt really believe it until I saw the scan. I feel the same about “God” and religion. I need to hear his/her voice speaking to me in order to believe. I worried for a while that this meant I had no faith in anything. But I dont think that’s true. I’ve always believed that everything will work out regardless of what shit happens. I dont like to get bogged down in the details of what’s NOT going right anymore because I think it’ll get better eventually. Isnt that a faith in something? A faith in life, or destiny? Then again, maybe its just a head in the sand scenario.


Anyway, on a lighter note…I did the wedding ring test last night. You know, the wedding band on a piece of thread one? So it went around in circles.. which means a boy. Looks like this old wives tale supports my theory. We’ll have to see I guess.

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