There’s a symbiant lifeform in there!

Finally got the proof today. Had an ultrasound this morning with an almost exploding bladder! But in there was a little human dancing around and waving. Truly fascinating. The nuchal translucency result came back with a good result.. that is, a 1 in 2440 chance of Down’s. A blood test will confirm that and increase the accuracy of the test. If anything is up with that they will call us. We got a couple of pics of the profile of the baby and Matt’s gonna scan those in and I’ll put them up in our gallery.
They also calculated me a week ahead of the dates I had. So today they have me at 13w3d, due date changed to 2/2/04.

Yesterday was the first Ob appointment. Talk about running behind schedule. I was in the waiting room for 1.5 hours. Will definitely call ahead next time. Dr Frumar took my blood pressure – fine.. blood test results that GP ordered – fine… weight 60kg – fine.. no allergies, no twins or congenital defects on either side… He gave me a yellow card that tracks my appointments and results of tests etc.. did a urine test.
Robin, the receptionist, booked me a bunch of appointments until December and I’m supposed to bring a urine speciment to each one.
At 19/20 weeks I get another ultrasound to check on development and should be able to find out the sex. At 28 weeks I’ll get tested for gestational diabetes (GD), and a couple of weeks before due I’ll get an internal to see how close we’re getting.

So, being 13 weeks I guess we’re in the second trimester now. A third of the way there already.

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