I realised last night I had more space in my jeans than what I had before and so checked it out and I lost 3 kgs! I must have lost it from not eating much the last while.. was starving last night but now I can’t fit much in. :(
Leanne assures me the baby will be getting what it needs from me and only I will suffer… lucky I’m still on the pre-natal vitamins.

We looked at cars today and found a good one at Suttons Holden Rosebery. A 2000 VX commodore wagon.. white.. it’s in near-mint condition with only a birdpoo blemish on the bonnet. 26000 k/s on the clock… 3 year warranty, free lifetime carwashes. Got a good price trading in Matt’s car. Thinking about it this week and will decide to go ahead (or not) on Friday.

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