Prams, wraps, and travel plans

I rang the hospital on Friday and they confirmed for me that the OB will sort the hospital admission out when I go see him. Aunty Ann said they deliver 6000 babies anually at KGV. Thats quite a number.

Went out on Saturday night. I was insanely tired by 10.30pm and The Bean rebelled against all the cigger smoke by making me feel ill. Ended up getting home and asleep by 2am and woke up 8 hours later. Went to Eastgardens on Saturday. There was a Target sale on in the baby section. I was interested in prams and stuff but they didnt have much of that gear. Decided instead to go to Toys R Us at Moore Park. We tested a few of the prams out. I like the Jeep Cherokee as it has a one-handed fold mechanism. But I think we need to go to a CUddles n Mum or a Babies Galore to really try all of them out properly. I think parents should be offered a degree in Pramology. I also think a subscription to the Choice website would be a fab idea… think I’ll arrange that now. I also read on the forums that the Safe n Sound Compaq car seat will fit in an excel.

Been researching slings too.. and the Maya Wrap seems to win hands down. There’s a distributor in the NT that I can get it from. I’ve had alot of comments from people recommending that if we wanna travel with the baby, to do so before they get to 6-9 months as they need more activity then. So by the sounds of it a 3 month old *should* be easy. Hopefully all it will need is boobs, sleep, and nappies and that’s all pretty mobile. The aim is to get a bassinette seat on the plane and a rental car with decent car seat. Oh, and be prepared for any long drives to take 3 times longer at least as we’ll need to stop for nappy changes and feeding. So, now that I know all this I’m content to just wait and see.. Matt can organise it this time, as I organised NZ. Sounds fair to me. :)

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