I’m posting the below in separately. It came from the Indiebride website from Zoe who is a friend of a friend. Anyway she had lots of great tips and I’ve pasted it in verbatim. So pls be advised there is swearing and typos… by the way, the opinions of the original poster are not representative of mine. Read on!

Re: Willow 8 Weeks Thu, 03 July 2003 05:00


thats me last sunday on the riverfront across from my grandma’s house.
i sat down to breastfeed and they needed to move me for a picture, so my little sis and her boyf picked me up, chair and all, and carried me to where they wanted me. :)

its a damp old time.
this week i have been rained on, vomited on (copiously), snotted on, dribbled on, breastmilk leaked on, urinated on and sweated on. The current record for number of shirt changes in one day is 7!

I wen5t to mummy group. i hated it. it was one of those social situations where you get so miserable at the lack of anyone interesting to latch onto that you want to cry. its such a lonely place.
its not like i need anyone to talk to. i have heaps of people to talk to.
what i need is people to come round for tea and give me a hand sweeping up the 8 weeks worth of dog hair that i’m drifting through.
so yeah, that other thread was me, talking about moving closer to my folks.
i need them so much, especially my mother and younger sister. i’m desperate for more time and company. i want fresh air.
i’m so sick of haing to cover willow’s pram with a blanket so the diesel fumes from the buses blow in her face and the noise from the flight path and train line is driving me bonkers.

garth has gone away for work tonight. luckily xanthe came to stay. i get so tired.

willow wakes at about 7:30am, garth gets me a cup of tea, change and feed willow, maybe a play. she’ll be back to sleep by 9am.
then i have enough time to shower and dress.
then its another 1-2 hour change/feed/play/change period.
i get breakfast at about 11am, she usually wakes after only a short sleep. during break periods i might get time to check email or do some washing. maybe phone my mum.

usually i eat lunch at about 1pm, sometimes as late as 4pm.
if lunch is earlier, i move operations down to the livingroom, changing her o the coffee table, feeding her on the couch and her sleeping on my belly on the couch. i find it impossible to nap, so i watch crap on telly and i have now worked out how to knit around her sleeping body.

garth gets home at about 7pm, makes me cup of tea and dinner. i do another change/feed/play/feed.
then he takes her while i eat, then we swap.
she’ll sleep between 9-10pm, then wake again.

then its anyone’s guess, but usually she’ll go to sleep between 11pm-12am.

as for what to buy.
buy the stretchy jumpsuits with press studs down the front and legs. that is all to start.
forget cutesy outfits.
get a couple of hats and warm booty/sock things. forget mittens unless its doing that american snow thing we don’t have here.
get flannel/polar fleece wraps. get muslin wraps. get some nice woolen blankets.
use nappywash service (diaper wash?) cloth is great, disposables (in our experience) leak shit all up baby’s back, disposables have never leaked.
get flannel/plastic lined pilcher pants to put on over nappy/diaper.
know where you can hire a pump. you’ll possibly get engorged. it fucking hurts like a migraine in your tit, you’ll want it fixed quick.

set up a table next to your nursing chair with a bottle of fresh water, a book, a pad and pen, tissues and a pilllow. if you can, get a stereo with remote control (we have pauline’s old one) i have mine set on a classical station. try and get a view from your nursing chair, or a tv. you’ll die of boredom.

get a hammock for baby to sleep in, they rock, and they cut down risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. you can disassemble and take on holidays with you.


get one mobile, get one musical thing (Brahm’s lullaby works, for me, more than willow i think).
i have hung a pair of black and white striped pants above the change table, willow loves them. and the Lamaze thing Geekgirl sent, shes very keen on that now.
most plush toys have fur that falls out in their mouth. don’t buy loud rattles till later on. baby won’t need toys for quite a while and you can save LOADS nuy not buying those ridiculous Baby Einstein things.

get a nice sheepskin for baby to lie about and look glam on. you start doing “tummy time” at about 6 weeks, on the floor, sheepskin is good to lie on for this.

have about 5 baby bath towels and face washers.

for nappy change we don’t use anything chemical and we only use sorbolene for washing. they say any product outside of those can contribute to asthma/allergies/eczema and even shampoos. we use sorbolene for cradle cap and as a soap substitute, sweet almond oil to clean out her creases under arms and around neck (lots of goo gets in there! yukky smelling!) we bought about 20 cheap face washers, which we wet ina plastic container full of water, and use them to wash her bum and face (seperately of course). the only thing we use for nappy rash is Paw Paw cream, it is AMAZING and all natural.

don’t think you can prevent anything, it will probably all happen to you. panic. don’t panic. cry, laugh.

don’t buy a pram that is a capsule for the car as well, they are really bad for baby’s back and you’ll outgrow it in under 6 months. get a baby bjorn. buy lots of earplugs. if you buy a jogger pram with pump up wheels, make sure you pump the tyres every time you go out.
get a nappy bag.
keep a diary of baby’s development. i keep some watercolour paints ans sketchbook beside the change table and i take foot prints ever second tuesday. its a nice ritual and its great to see her feet grow so fast!

buy a photo album. as you get picture developed, put them in, in order. get 3 copies of each roll and send to grandparents (keeps them quiet and off your friggin back)
have nursing helpline numbers next to phone.

find a trained baby osteopath and take baby after birth. they help with head/neck/shoulder/chest rauma from birth and you may find (like we did) that after 3 sessions your baby doesn’t cry as much.

forget trying to beat a routine into your kid. its not a soldier. it has a few basic needs and at other times it needs to grow fast or let of some steam. babies cry, you’ll just have to grit your teeth.

i know one woman who just blew up her vacuum cleaner as it was the only way to settle the baby. it was still under warranty, so she took it back and told the guy she has lots of pet hair. she got a new vacuum.

alwasy have your stuff ready to leave the house. the minute baby is asleep, run out the door. remember whenever you are in a mall etc, know where the change room is. it could be the only place YOU get to toilet. buy breastpads. leaking is embarrassing, wet and cold. forget dignity. i wiped willow’s nose with my fingers and wiped it on my thigh the other day.

i dunno what else.
oh yeah, don’t forget to eat!

and, everything will be fine. the smiley bits just make you want to cry with joy!


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