It’s occurred to me today that maybe I should be ringing the hospital to book in with them, as well as haivng booked into the OB. Well I dont know the process but I’ll just go ahead and ring the KGV maternity section this afternoon anyway.

There’s a gazillion things I have going around this little brain of mine at the moment. What type of sleeping arrangement for the baby, what if we wanna go overseas when its only 3 months old or so, what sort of pram – pram or stroller, carseats, how does one go shopping, will sleep deprivation make me crazy, hows does one get in and out of non-automatic doorways with a pram… anything of value in my brain now will be pushed out by loads of baby info. But, I think I have made a decision re the sleeping arrangement part. Well, I at least know what my preference is – yet to be discussed with Matt. Anyway, it’s a baby hammock… it’s a real space saver because we wont need a cot or bassinette.. it can fit next to our bed so I can just reach over and grab for feeds etc… it can come apart and be packed away for storage or travel… and the baby will fit in it for 12-18 months. So we may not even need a cot if the baby graduates to a bed after that. It’s on a spring and rocks the baby gently up and down and helps to settle. Great! Anything to aid MY sleep! Used and endorsed by child care centres and hospitals as well.

Thats one decision down. A gazillion more to go.

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