OB appointment made! Unfortunately it wont be til the 31st July. So I guess that will put me close to 12 weeks. Just in time for the first standard scan. GP gave me a referral for Dr Anthony Frumar at Camperdown. Just after I got that though Aunty Ann rang to say she had been recommended to Stephen Morris… So I’m just waiting for some feedback from the EB forums and may change OB’s depending on outcome. Matt came to the GP’s office with me but the GP didnt say anything to him and he felt a bit left out of it all. Like he’d already done his job. Poor Matt. I think he should come for the scan whenever that happens.

Already have people suggesting we book The Bean into child care and private schools. Will probably do the child care thing when we’re about 6 months along because if we’re still living in Erko at that stage I might decide to go back to work after the year of mat. leave. Not so sure about the school thing though. I think we’ll work out where we’re living first.. i.e. Sydney or Marulan.

So the bloodtest from the GP includes test for rubella, STD’s, and HIV.. I have to go back in a week for the results in person as the GP has an obligation to disclose the HIV results in person. Thats all a bit of a spooky thing even though there’s no reason why I would even have it. Still makes you wonder what the test will say. Weird.

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