Food aversions and no pimples means I’m pregnant

I’ve gone off my favourite food group – pizza! :(
I’m still off food in general but I have almost a whole pizza here that before-bean I would have scoffed all bar 1 or 2 slices.

We’ve been talking about cars.. mine in particular. Wondering if the excel can handle a car seat, pram, and porta cot or is it too small? I’d love an auto station wagon because it would be super useful when we’re on the farm too. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see where we’re at closer to the time. Rang an obstetricians office today who delivers at Camperdown but she’s booked up… *sigh*. Aunty Ann didnt have any names either but she’ll ask around. Nonetheless its back to the GP next week for bloods and maybe he’s got some recs.

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