OK.. lots to report now. have told plenty of people over the weekend. Told Mum and Dad on Saturday morning. Mum was screaming excitably and Dad said he should buy more kids books from the travelling book guy. Told Christine at Woy Woy, a friend of Mum’s. And then told Leone, (another friend of Mum’s) who then told the other 7 or 8 people at the lunch (total strangers). Leone’s already called Mum to see if I’m happy with the news or not. I guess Leone isnt used to my low-key level of excitement. Not to mention the general overwhelming-ness of it all right now. I am excited about being able to buy all that baby stuf.. trying out prams and things like that.. but it will be while before there’s any sense in buying anything. Also i broke out the waterworks on Saturday night when we were having dinner with Mum and Dad. Not for any real reason..let’s just blame it on “overwhelming”, shall we? It’s bound to happen another gazillion times yet so it doesnt really bother me. I like the word gazillion.. by the way.

So anyway… told Gwen, Peter, and Boo on Sunday. They’re all excited too. Boo’s gonna suss out the baby gear at Toys ‘r’ Us. Had dinner last night with Bindy, Dan, Keda, and Sanj .. that was good. Finally told them about the news. We spent most of the evening talking about names. Keda has decided on Kristen for a girl, and Tom for a boy. I’ll have to come back to this entry later, feeling a bit spaced out right now.

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