Went shopping yesterday but food in general is really turning me off so I hardly bought any groceries. Matt will have to come with me next time. Walked through KMart and got all misty eyed at the baby gear. It’s nice to have a legitimate reason to look at it. Not that I’d *shop* at the KMart at Marrickville though coz it’s crap! Still freaking out about the whole thing. Matt’s cool as a cucumber about it all though. An epidural is the answer to the pain of childbirth fear.. and he told me he will help with everything – even shopping and cooking. It was nice to hear that second thing.. buti t’s such a major life change I cant help but wonder how we’ll cope. These babies dont come with a training manual, sadly. I’ll just have to keep visualising myself as a calm and confident mother with a brood of happy, contented kids and a happy husband! What if we both go stircrazy when we realise we cant give the screaming pink thing back? Well, we’ve only known about it for a few days and no doubt we’ll get used to the idea. Having trouble getting to sleep at night because I lay awake thinking about it all, but I do like the afternoon naps I’ve been getting.
I’ll have to talk to AUnty Ann about hospitals and private v public. Will call her after I’ve told Mum the news.

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