We to a local GP today. He was great. Confirmed the pg with another urine test and gave me a due date of 14/2/2004 but I reckon it will most likely be early March as we conceived 28th May.
Doc said to come back in a couple of weeks for blood tests etc and in the meantime make a decision about which hospital and public or private. I was thinking public at Randwick but I’m starting to think private at Camperdown as they have that whole new modern section with lovely big baths and stuff like that. Nonetheless I will call a few Obs and see what the delivery fees are before deciding.
Didnt get around to calling Dr G today so I will do that tomorrow and I’ll cancel the gyno that he was going to refer me to.
Confirmed that the cramps are normal unless spotting happens as well. They should settle down soon enough. He gave me a brochure of all the do’s and dont’s.

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