I thought it would be a long time before I’d get to start this diary. Not so. Exactly 12 months down the road since starting TTC and ta-da!

I first got an inkling on Friday 6th June that it was worth testing as I still had sore nips.. these usually go away before AF. My temp was also still up around the post O temp. So I bought a couple of Crystal Clear pee sticks and threw them in the cupboard to test with the next morning.

Come 6am Saturday morning I tested and got 2 lines! I didnt read the test properly though and thought the test line was quite feint…..however it was the control line that was feint. Anyway I woke Matt up and told him. I decided though that we shouldnt get too excited until I test again on Monday morning. We tried to get back to sleep. I dont think it worked too well for me. I didnt have much of an apetite over the weekend..not sure if that was a symptom or related to having just come off some overnight shifts.

I’ve been getting cramps still.. apparently this is common and unless is accompanied by some other worrisome symptom then not to worry. Boobs are feeling a bit heavier tonight and sore. No other real symptoms.

So the plan tomorrow is to call my long time family GP.. the one that frustrated me so much by dragging the chain on the fertility investigations… tell him I’m pregnant and not to bother with the gyno referral. I also need to find a local GP because I can’t be arsed going all the way over to Gladesville to see him. Should be able to get all my previous tests sent across. Need to ring the health insurance to find out the costs of private and whether it may be better just going public. But I like the look of Royal Women’s Hospital at Randwick and its highly recommended.

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