Not much action here in magic bean land. No m/s, appetite is returning slowly, getting more night sleep and less naps required. Had a bit of a spotting scare last Friday but it was only a tiny amount and stopped pretty quickly. Went to Carolyn’s 30th birthday party on that Friday night and kept quiet about the pg news. Was tempted to tell Kim but I’ll wait til next week or so.
We’ve been talking a bit about names… Of course I’m sure the bean is a boy. Don’t know why really, it’s just a guestimate. But in the event that it is a boy we like Fraser and Ben as first names. Don’t know about girl’s names.. I like Jasmine. I did like Maya there for a while but I’ve gone off that.
I was pretty keen on keeping the gender a surprise but I’m warming to the idea of finding out early. I think it might help with any potential bonding issues. At least that’s one theory.
I’ve also started my “Welcome Little One” cross stitch that I bought a year ago and stuck in a drawer straight away. I’ve got $11 gift vouvher to spend at Dymocks so I think i’ll put it towards a copy of Robin Barker’s “Baby Love” book.. would be good to get some ideas on what to do with the bean once it’s born.

Had a strange dream last night. Dreamt that I was lactating and breastfeeding a 3 or 4 year old child who I’d adopted, or was looking after. He said he didnt like the taste of it coz it was too acidic. Talk about weird.
Been feeling OK-ish. A little off colour but not really sick. Getting plenty of sleep at night now, thankfully. Still getting those lower back cramps that test my pain threshold. Not that they are really bad but it is quite an intense dull ache. But it does go away after a bit so it’s not all bad. Mornings are really disagreeing with me. I find it hard to crawl out of bed for 7am shifts. Dont know whether its a combination of winter and general pregnancy tiredness or what. It seems like Im hungry ALL the time but holding back on my usual fancy of Burger Rings, Twisties, etc limits my snacky foods.. especially as I dont like fruit that much. Every now and then I wonder how long we’ll manage with a baby in a 1 bedroom apartment and if we’ll be able to afford to build our place, or even rent a bigger place. But I think I’m prepared to just wait and see. I do think things happen for a reason and I’m sure we wont be struggling very hard for very long. This weekend is our milestone for telling a few people. Parents, close friends – Bindy, Keda, Monica.
I read the parental leave policy at work and have discovered that it 8 weeks paid and 52 weeks unpaid.. not the 2 years as I originally thought. Bummer. It may not matter that much though as I dontk now what our plans are about working and moving house etc. Thats another wait and see. One thing at a time these days. First thing is just trying to be a healthy incubator for the “magic bean”.

I realise I havent explained where the name Magic Bean came from. Well, given we only “did it” once that month because AF went for something like 3 weeks it really was quite a miraculous event. Especially after having tried unsuccessfully for a year.

Went shopping yesterday but food in general is really turning me off so I hardly bought any groceries. Matt will have to come with me next time. Walked through KMart and got all misty eyed at the baby gear. It’s nice to have a legitimate reason to look at it. Not that I’d *shop* at the KMart at Marrickville though coz it’s crap! Still freaking out about the whole thing. Matt’s cool as a cucumber about it all though. An epidural is the answer to the pain of childbirth fear.. and he told me he will help with everything – even shopping and cooking. It was nice to hear that second thing.. buti t’s such a major life change I cant help but wonder how we’ll cope. These babies dont come with a training manual, sadly. I’ll just have to keep visualising myself as a calm and confident mother with a brood of happy, contented kids and a happy husband! What if we both go stircrazy when we realise we cant give the screaming pink thing back? Well, we’ve only known about it for a few days and no doubt we’ll get used to the idea. Having trouble getting to sleep at night because I lay awake thinking about it all, but I do like the afternoon naps I’ve been getting.
I’ll have to talk to AUnty Ann about hospitals and private v public. Will call her after I’ve told Mum the news.