Settling in to Brunswick

One epic drive and a truckload of removaled stuff later, we arrived in our new place. Matt and I were both amazed at how you go from countryside to Coburg, just like that, and within 15 kms of the city. Apparently, the urban sprawl spreads south-east.

We drove in convoy, with Matt in one car with one kid, and me in the other car with the other kid and the cat. I drugged Kami with anti-psychotic, because he yowls on the way to the vet and I didn’t fancy listening to that all the way to Melbourne. He took the half-tablet easily and settled in for the trip well, with a pitstop to stretch his legs inside the car somewhere around Albury.

He’s taken to the new place very easily, with only one full day trapped inside.

I’ve been working steadily through the boxes in between outings and doing bits and pieces of work.

We’ve been on a bunch of outings: New Year fireworks at Yarra park, dumplings in Malvern, the Melbourne Museum, organic fruit and veg shopping at CERES, and swimming at the nearby Brunswick Baths. I’ve also added a basket to my bike so I can ride to the shops. It could be that we get down to occasional weekend car use, which seems like a luxury after all these years of having to drive everywhere.

I didn’t get to do a video walk-through of our renos at Bowral, because I kind of forgot in all the logistics of staying out of the way of the movers. When Trudy reminded me, I was already mentally prepared not to go back. It was time for the new. Our lease at the new place is only six months. I hope we get more time here, but we may have to move on that soon if the owners want to move in. At least we’re on the ground now to be able to look around when the time comes.

For now, we’re enjoying our new digs and exploring the surrounds.



Main bedroom makeover

I know it’s been a while since I last posted at this blog. Since my last update about public speaking, I’ve done that two more times and I have another one coming up in August. There’s other exciting work-related things afoot, but I’ll come to that another time. The focus of this post absolutely belongs to the main bedroom of this house.

In between conferences we finally turned our attention to getting some things done around here. When we moved in, we had a shabby ceiling to look at—drooping in some rooms and with water stains and cracks in others—so we had a couple of guys come to fix and repaint it. Around the time they were here, we also attended to our outdoor drainage dramas by having a trench dug and filled with ag pipe and gravel. We also constructed a beautiful new driveway and parking area out of natural river pebble, so our friends would be able to three-point-turn out of our place without increasing the size of the unwanted lake in the front lawn. It’s not quite finished out there though, and I didn’t take any before pics. woe!

It was the offensive suede finish paint job inside the house that has been most troubling since we moved in a little more than a year ago. Just to remind you: here is the main bedroom as it was.

The main bedroom

The main bedroom2

And here it is after I finished hanging the prints, yesterday.

Prints centred over bed.

To show the grey curtain.

Main bedroom towards bathroom, hallway door


The curtains are a silver, block-out pre-made deal from Curtain Wonderland. The prints are a few years old from Redbubble. The charcoal drawing is mine from an abandoned university art degree. The ampersand cushion from Aunty Cookie. The ruffled doona/duvet/quilt cover is from Urban Outfitters. The heart lights are a few years old from Beacon Lighting. The lamp, an old one from Freedom Furniture. The fabric bird decals by Love Mae.

We do still need new carpet and I’m undecided about the colour.

What’s next? the bathroom.


I was slow getting out of bed today. Slow to get motivated. But I finally did, and this is the result. I sanded this purple Suede Effects wall in the hall. I patched it and caulked the gaps. It’s washed and ready for undercoating.

The kids were bored today. They don’t like being at home with just each other to entertain. When Matt went out for a couple of hours they took the opportunity to whinge and harass, so I sent them outside while I sanded, patched and vacuumed. Eventually, Matt came home and I took the opportunity to go for a drive to Bunnings. I was actually there to look for oyster lights to replace the frilly lights in the bedrooms, but saw nothing appropriate and only brought home a couple of paint chips instead—in variations of white. I like the Dulux Lexicon.

Anyway, so with this painting jazz, I can’t paint the ceilings until the plaster man has fixed the bowing. Nor can I paint the timber skirtings until the timber laminate beading is taken up. I’m impatient, though, to paint what I can. Which is the walls. It’s all ass-about, I know.

I’m tempted to just do all the walls, and once the floors and ceilings are done, have the painters come to top-and-tail.