Merry Christmas

Matt came with me to the Doctor’s appointment this morning as I wanted to introduce them before they wound up at the “arrivals gate” together. Anyway, the appointment went well. I told Doctor F about the rising acid and he confirmed that Mylanta was OK. He also suggested sleeping propped up on a few pillows to try to avoid it happening. I’ve already been doing that half-heartedly but I might try it in earnest tonight and see if it really helps.
I was excited for Matt because the Doctor showed him where the baby’s head is and how he’s lying. The baby’s head still wiggles pretty freely therefore, it’s not down in the pelvis yet. Once that happens, I suspect I’lll start waddling.
My feet are almost always sore. I think it’s because they weren’t built to carry an extra 7-odd kilos. But with several days off over Christmas I’ll be able to get my feet up and do some swimming and that might help.

Merry Christmas to anyone who reads this and a Happy new Year if I dont blog before then.

43 shopping days til full term

Can’t believe I’ve left it this long to blog. Bad muser.
Anyway… I’m on Christmas holidays now from work and as Sue (my team leader) will be away when I go on mat. leave so we all went out for work drinks. It’s amusing staying sober and watching a group of people getting pissed. They passed an envelope around at work and contributed towards buying us a baby rocker/bouncer. It’s a Childcare Rocking Vibes rocker with “vibrating mechanism”. If I was short enough, I’d be keen to try it out myself!

On Saturday we had part 2 of our ante-natal classes. Jan the midwife gave the class and she explained how breastfeeding works. We learnt a few nappy folds, how to wrap the baby, dress the baby (in general, one extra layer than what you’re comfortable in). We talked about concerns and issues like unsolicited “advice” rfe breast/bottle feeding, keeping the relationship going, post-natal blues and depression etc etc. Also had a quick look at the post-natal labour ward as we missed out on that last week. The single rooms were pretty small with a single sofa bed that the husband can stay in. I don’t think the room had an ensuite which is a bit disturbing. Must be a public hospital thing. The good things are though, that the hospital promotes breastfeeding, encourages rooming in i.e. the baby stays in a bassinette in the room with you rather than in a nursery. The midwives also show you how to bath the baby and all nappies and clothes are provided for the baby until we leave the hospital.

I had to sleep half sitting up last night due to a couple of attacks of rising acid. That is a seriously gross side effect of this pregnancy caper. I wouldnt wish it on optus management.

I really should have updated this a couple of days ago as I’ve had a couple of people express concern over my last post. Thanks, by the way, but I have recovered from my malaise now. I think it was mostly to do with lack of sleep over the week as I was totally out of action on Friday. Didnt have the energy to bother with anything other than lounging. I built a fort on the couch and stayed there all Friday afternoon/evening until going to bed at 8.30pm. Woke up 7am Saturday feeling much better. Which is good because we had our ante-natal workshop (part 1) starting at 9.30.

There were another 6 or 7 couples there. They were mostly late 20’s to late-30s I guess. maybe one couple was over that. Anyhow we were shown massage techniques that are comfortable for the support person to cope with. They showed us the gruesome videos – a labouring video and a caeser video. Which re-affirmed my decision to avoid a c-sec unless medically necessary. I was surprised by how large the placenta appears. It really is like a dark pink jellyfish with one long grey tentacle. Epidurals were explained and were other pain management options. The birth process was demonstrated with a pink knitted uterus complete with detachable knitted vagina. Pam (the obstetric physiotherapist who took this class) also tried reassuring us by saying that when the baby is crowning your pink bits are stretch so wide and so thin that you really wont feel any tearing. Tops!
The day finished off with a tour of the delivery rooms. Apart from the birth centre there are about 4 or 5 rooms in the labour ward purpose built for labour and delivery. Each room has a bed which can be manipulated to raise or lower certain parts, theres an ensuite with spa bath, large shower and toilet, and there’s also the option of a birthing stool which is like squatting on a low toilet with handle bars at each side.

The doctor’s appointment on Thursday went well enough. My swollen hands and feet were acceptably normal.. especially given the heat. Blood pressure still nice and normal. Dr F also said that the baby was growing nicely – not too big and not too small. He confirmed that he’s on call 24×7 and delivers for 95% of his patients. Goodo. I’ve put on 1kg since my last appointment 3 weeks ago.

Next Ob appt is Christmas eve, and next saturday is part 2 of our ante-natal workshop.